Facilitation session
team work and planning for JetBrains
Let's check on the task
A facilitation session to synchronize a distributed marketing research team
Main goals
  • to present and discuss tasks audit results
  • to synchronize different tasks to work processes
  • to work with work-life balance: articulate work value on different levels as well as to discuss prevention of the burnout

  • all participants were able to speak aloud and were heard
  • there is a consensus on how a team should organize processes now
  • the priority areas of work were chosen, and the next steps were planned
  • 40

  • 8

    internal teams
  • 1,5

  • 1-2 August

    Serbia, offline
Starting point
A distributed team, have never met in person
A suggestion is that there are difficulties in communication

A will to give people an opportunity to speak in a safe format, to get feedback
Participants have different expertise and work experience in general

A need to show the value od such events
Crucial to save a balance between work and entertainment

A need to make a supportive event
Our suggestion
Day 1

Alignment. Audit
Alignment goals:
1. create an open communication space in which everyone is visible and important
2. check the purpose of the session
3. set up to work by giving feedback

Audit goals:

1. audit of current tasks
2. audit of current processes (general and within the team)
Day 2

Planning goals:
1. analysis of current processes
2. designing an ideal process for common tasks
3. embedding the personal in the work process
4. real planning of intra-team processes and the process of working on common tasks
5. an action plan that employees take to work
Exemplary scenario
1 August

Alignment. Audit
Step 1. Alignment || 14:30-15:30
  • collection of personal expectations
  • formation of the image of the result of the session
  • personal goal for the session
  • rules of work and interaction

Step 2. Audit || 15:30-17:15 with a break
  • task audit (team lead presentation)
  • audits processes in teams as they are now
  • process audit for common tasks as it is now

Step 3. Closing a day || 17:15-17:30
2 August

Step 1. Analysis of current processes || 10:30-11:30
  • based on the materials of the previous day, we highlight the problems and strengths of the current organization of processes
  • determine what we want to abandon and what to keep in the new version

Step 2. About personal || 11:30-12:30
  • about appropriating the results of work, celebrating
  • how not to burn out
  • personal work and work in mini-groups with discussion, the formation of your own action plan

Break || 12:30-12:45

Step 3. Formation of the ideal plan. Part 1 || 12:45-13:30
what processes might look like if we created them in an ideal world

Lunch || 12:30-14:30

Step 4. Formation of a real plan || 14:30-15:15
  • how we want the team processes to look like in reality, the guides we agree to follow
  • what problems can be, how we plan to solve these problems

Step 5. Formation of an action plan || 15:15-16:45
  • what processes inside a team look like
  • what I take into my work, what I will start doing differently

Summing up the session || 16:45-17:30
Team to create a session
Desines a session, scenarios, and working frameworks.
Organizes briefing, collects general results and analytics
Host of the session
Holds the logic of the session for all participants. Leads comment activities of the session

Work with groups in terms of general accompaniment.
We recommend 1-2 more people to the leader. The moderator will not be very immersed in a particular group but will be able to track the overall dynamics
CONCEPT design
— Clarification of the goals and results of the event
— Building the general logic of the event
— Conducting interviews
— Development of the participants' path (SJM)
methodological design of the detailed scenario
—Development of formats, methods and tools for the event
— Preparation of handouts and instructions for participants
briefing of the hosts
— We will brief a team that will host a session
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